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We need empathy, not self-preservation. Several fellow climate scientists said they agreed with me. But the person on the XR account replied:. Join the ExtinctionRebellion. Temperatures can run high on this topic. Of course now, one year later, Extinction Rebellion have had tremendous success. My view of Extinction Rebellion has moved on too. As I wandered across Waterloo Bridge at Easter, I found the attitude positive and the space welcoming — a car-free, plant-filled, decorated bridge in central London seemed to me a radical but appealing claim to a better quality of life.

My friend Emily Grossman moved from curious outsider to passionate insider, and used her experience and platform as a science communicator to document the protest online. My brother Stephen Edwards, a life-long environmentalist and a sustainable housing expert, and the reason I chose a career in climate change, told me he felt more hope than he had in years.

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LeoHickman, April 24, It feels like the impact of Easter has lasted. There is such demand for female climate scientists to speak that I started an email group to help share the load. Colleagues, please let me know if you would like to join.

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To me, this year has felt like banging on a door for years with no answer, then it suddenly flying off its hinges into the room. So fast that we climate scientists stumble as we cross the threshold, blinking in the bright light of greater public concern. The climate is changing…. My friend Emily asked me this summer if I would help Extinction Rebellion to check the scientific accuracy of new updates they were planning for the website.

Right Beginnings

So now, as a climate scientist, I find myself advising two groups in two very different ways. In my role as an author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC Sixth Assessment Report still in progress , I assess the strength of the evidence behind different parts of climate science for policymakers. What are the potential weaknesses of the science?

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

In other words, applying the precautionary principle. So a prediction they present might be based on a single study, an outlier, or even an informal quote from a scientist. My aim is to assess whether they have accurately represented that study or quote, and whether we have since ruled that prediction out.

I said I was struggling with how to write publicly about Extinction Rebellion: as a human, wanting to celebrate the emotion and energy of this movement and its successes, and at the same time as a professional, wanting to correct their occasional mistakes in describing the complex science. I wonder if Greta, Extinction Rebellion, the greater media coverage, have influenced their decision. In reviewing applications, I saw cover letters that described their desire for change: not only from those who had studied geography before, but also medics, biologists, people with a career in a different area.

Motivated to change the world — not next year, or in 12 years, or in , but right now. With empathy, with co-operation, and perhaps a bit of rebellion too. June and July were intensely busy and rewarding. I loved supervising my first round of masters students in their dissertations: five smart, motivated women who designed projects to model and analyse the impacts of climate change and policy decisions.

In other words, what it means to not only reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide, but also to suck it out of the air. I talked about my bowel cancer of last year too: at the BlueDot festival, which I adore, and to staff at Cancer Research UK , who work hard to make cancer information more accessible to patients.

Wrong beginnings: our response to a bold report

More on BlueDot in a later post. Rest and relaxation during a long August holiday have rid me of almost all my post-chemotherapy fatigue. Afterwards, I took the train to Toulouse for the third of my four IPCC author meetings , a clear mind for the first time. Both are extraordinary, and reveal the world in new ways. But I have also seen how this way of thinking can shed clear light on a subject: sometimes those subjects the rest of us too comfortably glide past, such as death and injustice. It is also about the infuriatingly bad science that results when we do not consider the biases of our own world view.

While I was still fatigued, I slept long hazy mornings to Radio 4, and once dreamt about Greta. Her work focuses on how confident we can be computer model predictions of climate change, particularly for the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet contributions to sea level rise. Tamsin provides advice to the UK Government on sea level rise, climate science and science communication, and expert comment to national and international media. She is an award-winning communicator, including through Twitter flimsin and writing articles for the Guardian.

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  7. Having read Vaclav Smil and others, it would seem to me that the growing developing world should be the primary concern as growth there would seem to be on track to overwhelm any reduction in CO2 etc in the developed world. New technology to produce large quantities of CO2 free energy should be the emphasis.

    Phrase ‘Origins’ That Are Wrong - Business Insider

    New tech nuclear power looks like if implemented in developing world would improve the situation most effectively. Look at the end of the day, we all agree that not enough change is happening. This has to do with communication style, the precautionary principle and human psychology.

    https://spirwestcernode.tk The article clearly shows one persons journey of realising and accepting xr communications strategy has actually worked. To be fair it is more that XR comms have changed…e. I recorded a podcast recently that made this more clear:. Life on Earth is in crisis. Tamsin, do you agree with this as you are helping the science group the state that scientists agree…. However, spanking in the sense it is used in this phrase is just a clarifier, meant to emphasize how new something is and it came into the English lexicon sometime during the 17th century.

    The word span may have been turned into spanking in order to increase the intensity of the phrase. Also, brand new is in reference to the hot irons which ranchers used to mark their cattle , a phrase first found in the 16th century. Meaning: Subdued breathing, usually because of emotion.

    The phrase first showed up in his play The Merchant of Venice, which was written in Meaning: In a straight line, avoiding all obstacles. Myth: Medieval British coastal vessels were said to have a cage of crows which they used to find land. Crows were said to hate water and would fly straight to land and, because they flew, the crows were able to see land much further away than the sailors on the ship.

    In fact, the first documented use of the phrase seems to be a slightly racist opinion about Spanish people. Observers on the ground noticed as the crows flew around, they would do so in a straight line, missing the trees, rivers or buildings which obstructed the humans. Meaning: An illegal, bogus court. Reality: First used in America in , the phrase described a trial which was a sham.

    This knowledge helps explain the true meaning: the courts were so named because of the wild, unpredictable nature of the animals. Myth: In the Middle Ages , babies were said to be washed last in the tub, since they were deemed the least important of the family. The infamous Karl Pilkington once relayed this story, going so far as to say that the baby was washing itself. Reality: The phrase is from an old German proverb with no basis in reality.

    The writer and satirist Thomas Murner was the first to write it down, doing so in in his book An Appeal to Fools. It was solely meant to illustrate the need to watch over your valuables. Meaning: Something is unintelligible. Myth: This phrase is generally attributed to William Shakespeare because he used it in his play Julius Caesar in The reason the writers put the phrase in was that knowledge of how to read Greek had become lost to most of the world. The team recorded it and used as good luck, often asking her to perform it live as it became their unofficial anthem.

    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings
    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings
    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings
    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings
    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings
    Wrong Beginnings Wrong Beginnings

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