Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)

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The heaven-earth dichotomy, symbolized by the two semi-arcs, is reconciled and synergized in the triad 'Heaven-Earth-Man'. Here the forces of involution and evolution are synchronized by the involution and evolution spirals at the absolute centre C, the cosmic dimension of man, so to say, at the interface between the celestial yang forces and the terrestrial yin forces.

The Christian reading of the East-West cross matrix is, that here, Jesus Christ or God in man is the mediating centre between heaven and earth. The ultimate act of balancing between the sum total of interfacing cosmic forces again is in the absolute centre C XR for Christos in Greek. Both systems are endowed with a transpersonal dimension that does the ultimate reconciliation between the two worlds.

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The Western cultural and cosmological model is Christcentric and personal, the Eastern is both anthropocentric and more impersonal. This is plausible if one considers the Christcentric Western civilisation and the Eastern Taoist tradition that consecrates nature, so to say. Position and mission of man as the carrier of culture in the picture as a whole, is clearly assigned in both civilisations. And it becomes even more plausible when we consider the dual nature of God who took the garb of man to become the ultimate of God-Man. The synergy is a middle Cross, the heart centre of man and the heart centre of the Mediator the motive behind this transcendental mediation was pure love of man by his Creator.

The heart of hearts. The ultimate reconciler and reconciliation. A sustainable perspective of the perennial East-West dichotomy at the highest and best of the players and a healthy premise for the 21st century integration of the old centre of the world economically, historically and an emerging new Eastern centre of the world: a supercentre that manages and integrates the millennium antagonism, peacefully leveraging the combined capabilities of the Eastern and Western World, the more inner Eastern and the more outer Western Hemispheres: a unified East-West inner-outer space continuum.

A superpole which allies through its moral superiority the emerging southern hemisphere to become the third millennium planetary super system that can not only deal with the global environmental survival issues but can face responsibly the cosmic dimension, the destiny of the blue planet in its cosmic context. In the following Sino-western cultures integrative visualization the encounter and merger of culturally diverse conceptualizations of cosmology and anthropology in the absolute One of the integrity and integrality of creation, which is their source and from whence they emerge.

Being one at the primal source they are already one. And being one their integration is a matter of conscious realization rather than of mental pursuit to integrate. It is a quantum consciousness based realization of a higher order that perceives the totality from the, which has an integrative effect on the entire stream of the manifestations that issue from the one source that has been realized internally.

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Undegenerated Monotheisms and Vedantism… can be similarly conceptualized, which results in the supreme unfier of cosmologies, religions and cultures and all human diversity and in the enigma of the idivisible, unfathomable ONE of an all-encompassing Creator and the integrality of the integrity of Creation. The Cosmic quantic momentum of it is integrative of that diversity of creation. It integrates all diversity into its one source from whence it emerged to manifest as creation.

Complementary cultural and cosomological vistas act jointly as sustainable integration of the world from the bottom and from the top. A stream of existence that flows from its source through the diversity of the space-time into the sea to re-emerge from there as the source: Nothing but changes of appearances of the ONE; diverse images of the one which never ceases to be essentially One in the Christian reading, unless man refuses it.

Only the refusal of this integrity of creation leads to diversity related challenges, which are therefore man-made. Its awareness can end it. The experience of diversity arises as a consequence of a lopsided perception that ignores or refuses to perceive the wholeness of existence referred to metaphorically as the cultural complementarity principle of unity and diversity that has an inkling of the integrality and integrity of creation.

The cultural spell under which the world presently is appears therefore as a consequence of perception that is a culture consciousness with limited awareness. Culture seen as such is an act of consciousness.

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And the type of culture consciousness a player has cocreates the cultural reality within and around him. From there one may even infer that culture being an act of consciousness based on perception and awareness it cannot be conceived of apart from the human dimension of consciousness. The cultural discourse that fills libraries and the pockets of culture gurus and the lecture halls of universities alike is based on a culture paradigm that cannot have any permanence and sustainable impact on globalization.

If it is not enhanced and complemented it can mislead the whole world as fascism and communism have misled the millions and the masses until they were put in their true context and understood more fully. If culture that some assume holds the place of these worldviews and errors of the past at present is not put in its true context likewise it may have the same impact and destiny as those cultural errors. Therefore the present cultural paradigm imperatively requires the correction and completion of its edifice, which is the purpose of the inquiry.

This epistemological perception of culture and cultural diversity does not altogether eclipse the practical value of cultural diversity. The first is helpful in cultural problem solving, the second for evolving.

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Its dialectics help the world to grow and develop based on the dialectics of diversity. When that causes problems the complementary epistemological perception of culture can be used as a cultural problem solver. So the epistemological and the pragmatic standpoint are the complementary aspects of a culture theory and management practice in accordance with man and his needs. And it does neither sacrifice uniqueness to a heresy of an irenology of misconstrued equality, nor unity to unbridgeable diversity. It should be understood that Christ is the master model of mediation of all times.

In him converge time and eternity, the Alpha and the Omega. As cultural problems arise and subsist only in time they can only be resolved in eternity. And this can only be accomplished by Him. Ultimately there is no other lasting mediation except that by the one who is the mediator incarnate. As soon as man resolves to refer to this mediator, cultural and other problems cease by the degree of the internalization of this ultimate time-transcendent mediation principle.

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And what should be the consequence of such awareness with regard to Japan which on account of the referred to cosmological and planetary view of the world is our neighbour — not more not less. The entire world is therefore Japans neighbour and its moral duty would be to proactively muster up the combined strength of the world community, in particular that of those who have expertise required in this highly critical moment and to provide the help the material and psychological assistance required rather than considering it a distant media event.

Inspiring oneself by the worldview inherent in the cross it is but the fulfillment of the commandment of love of the neighbour. The predominantly Christian West as well as Asia and the indigenous peoples of the southern and the northern hemispheres have, as one can see, an acute analytical or revealed, experiential or intuitive awareness of cosmic interconnectedness which they display in their cultural assumptions and rituals.

Why has this not led to world wide solidary preventative measures before to encounter what is a high statistical probability and only a matter of when rather than if it occurs. The sense of interconnectedness also implies solidary accountability with regard to the environment. That however involves the ethical dimension with culturally diverse interpretations. The evolution towards global solidarity and commitment to the implications of universal accountability is charted in the Transcultural Profiler Levels D 4 Ethics and D 5 Evolution , pages 36 and The Transcultural Profiler is a 12 D architectural metaphor of the psychological infrastructure of the transcultural manager in the transcultural management context, where the superior levels D 1 Cosmics and D 2 Noetics transcultural correspond to the mediation capability incarnated by Christ and symbolized by the cross metaphor.

Its operationalization mediates and integrates the totality of the subjacent mental, socio-cultural edifice with its overall environmental connection based on solid physiological and psychological principles. The preceding circumstantially determined topical reference was not intended to dilute the unique Christian notion of the cross whose mystery has many facets, for in the Christian tradition it clearly refers to the one and only unrepeatable cosmic fact of Christ and His sacrifice on behalf of the Father; an act of unfathomable love motivated by love of and compassion with mankind.

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  • See corresponding entries in the reference dictionary at the end. That love has integrative power per se as it mediates the bond between Creator and creation. The interface of its horizontal and vertical axes provides a focal point that can explain the totality of creation with all is processes from its beginning to its end. It is not so much the archetypal geometry of its two beams and its millions of replications in culturally diverse shapes and forms that matter but rather what it symbolizes and what is underlined by the Son of God crucified.

    Thus it appears as a medium for the full realization of creation. It mediates between the old man and the new man. The new man, established in the Mediator, becomes a natural mediator by cosmic standards, who can access a time-transcendent mediation capability.

    And the Christian Cross symbolizes this potentiality. And even to a disbeliever it can function as a superordinate construct of his mind and consciousness that can help overcome barriers of culture, civilizations and ideologies etc. So, it can also be understood as a less metaphysical device for problem resolution of cultures and civilizations.

    But it might lack the unique gift and charisma associated with the whole truth of Christ. This two millennia old symbol of Western and Universal Christian Civilization, in other words, the figure of Christ, cannot be extirpated form our collective and individual DNA.

    If it is attempted, as we have seen in the preceding chapter, it is followed by catastrophes, which is testified by history. There seems to be evidence for a cause-effect relationship and one should be aware of it. It is an intelligible phenomenon.

    Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition) Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)
    Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition) Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)
    Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition) Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)
    Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition) Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)
    Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition) Vom Klassen- beziehungsweise Schichtmodell zum Milieukonzept (German Edition)

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