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Telescope and Instruments
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  • KELT: The Extremely Little Telescope | astrobites?

To accomplish this we offer independent advisors a platform that inspires an entrepreneurial approach to investing, and encourages open and ongoing communication. When you approach investing from the most appropriate perspective, you put yourself in the shoes of your investors.

The simplicity of true independence provides a realistic path to that perspective.

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Traditional values. Modern mindset. Empowering advisors. KELT has already detected a number of planets see e. In fact, small ground-based wide-field transit surveys are very important in the exoplanet detection hierarchy: they allow us to single out the interesting stars that have evidence of orbiting planets, allowing us to allocate observational resources much more efficiently.

I just find small telescopes, and their capability to do interesting science so fascinating. This astrobite is for all the small telescopes—the exoplanet scouts—out there.

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Email Address. Accepted to be published in the peer reviewed proceedings of the Australian Space Research Conference. About the Author.

Yvan Guillevic Rocks the Kelt V-Twin & WR-X

About Gudmundur Stefansson I am a second year Ph. I did my B.

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The Kelt The Kelt
The Kelt The Kelt
The Kelt The Kelt
The Kelt The Kelt
The Kelt The Kelt
The Kelt The Kelt

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