Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Henry's Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Hi Is this blanket pattern on YouTube.. Regards Shandrene. Thanks so much for this pattern! The pattern is so easy to follow and does work up quick. Hi, lovely pattern is this what is known as the shell pattern? Hi there, this is a great pattern for beginners.

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It is not technically a shell stitch, more of a raised stitch. I love this blanket! I would like to make it using Bernat softee baby yarn. Thank you so much for your help. Hi Sheila, The foundation chain needs to be a multiple of 4 plus 2. I would recommend chaining until it reaches the desired length and make sure you have a multiple of 4 chains then add 2.

Hope that helps! Just found this beautiful baby blanket and cannot wait to try this!!!!! I was wondering if I use a pound of love baby yarn from lion brand and bernat baby coordinates if the two together would give me a bulky weight yarn that you recommend for your pattern?

Hexagon Rainbow Newborn Blanket

I am having a problem with these gaps along the edges I think it has to do with the chain 2 and turning but not sure. Am I doing this wrong or is there suppose to be gaps along the sides? The k hook is a little thick but I can work with it. What would be the next size that you would be a little less thick? Thank you in advance Leelee. After going over the pattern again, I was doing 1 dc at the beginning of row 2 -3 instead of 3dc now I am on track and having no problems.

Thank you for such a pretty baby afghan pattern. Love this pattern. I will be a grandmother for the first time this winter. I will definitely be making this blanket for my new grandchild. I still have the blanket I brought my son home from the hospital in. The blanket is almost 40 years old. Thank you for the lovely design.

Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns for Beginners

I do waht to ask where did you get the bear in the picture from? It is so cute and loveable as well as the pig. Oh wow, this is so nice to hear! Handmade blankets are the best gift in my opinion. So much love and time goes into them. Thanks for sharing this free pattern. I am a fabricholic but now also a yarn hoarder lol so will be whipping this blanket up. Thanks Leelee.

You are most welcome Kerry! I have finished doing the blanket and it is so beautiful, love this pattern from you Leelee. On the sc edging I wanted to ask you on the top row of the blanket should I be doing 2sc in each of the dc across?

I have tried doing the 1sc in each of them and it takes the effect of the kinda scallop of the pattern? Any advise on this? Would you be doing a tutorial on this edging? I had the same problem. I kept going and it looks ok—though that top edge looks slightly ruffled because of the scalloping. Then the second time around the border you just use all sc stitches. Leelee, would you recommend that approach?

Very beautiful pattern. I am so anxious to do this. I love this pattern. Thank you for doing the video above to show a beginner.

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I just finished this. My first crochet blanket!

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I used Bernat Softee Chunky Baby, which worked well. I feel so proud! I love this pattern!! I just started making it as a toddler blanket for my neighbor who is due in February. I love how it puffs a bit as you go along. Thank you SO much!!

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I just love it. I love how the whole thing works up nice and straight on the sides except for the very top row. I was about to ask the same question about how to get the top row straight but I see someone asked above. I did a sample of about 10 inches and found if you do single crochets on the higher scallops and double crochets in the dips at least for bulky yarn it turns out nice and straight.

Thanks for inventing a beautiful pattern. How on earth did you figure this one out so that it makes the little puffy parts as you go? I love it. Thank you for this pattern! I used it for one of my new baby blankets I just changed the border up a bit. Thanks again! I think it turned out pretty good. I linked back to your pattern in my listing.

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Hi I would like to make this blanket square, could you please let me knopw how many more chain I require. Thanks heaps. Hi Glynis. The foundation chain should be a multiple of 4 plus 2, so just chain until the length is the size of one edge of the square in a multiple of 4 and then add 2. Hope that makes sense! Your email address will not be published.

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Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern
Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern Newborn Blanket Crochet Pattern

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