Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)

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Alabama , which held that mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole were unconstitutional for juveniles. Duncan also defended inhumane conditions in prisons, arguing that severe overcrowding in jails did not violate the Eighth Amendment. Allison Eid Tenth Circuit , while on the Colorado Supreme Court, consistently ruled against the rights of criminal defendants and the accused. She also argued Miller v. Alabama , which held that juvenile offenders could not be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, should not have been applied retroactively.

Kurt Engelhardt Fifth Circuit , while a district court judge, overturned the convictions of New Orleans police officers who had been convicted of shooting unarmed civilians on the Danziger Bridge, days after Hurricane Katrina, because Justice Department officials had anonymously posted online comments about the case. In contrast, in Truvia v. Brady in a case involving two men who had been wrongfully incarcerated for 27 years. Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court , while on the Tenth Circuit, consistently enabled constitutionally problematic convictions to stand.

He held that a police officer was entitled to qualified immunity from an excessive force claim arising from his use of a stun gun that killed a young man. He also held that officers had not used excessive force against a Vietnam War veteran who was suicidal when they burst into his hotel room unannounced with guns drawn and ended up shooting him. Britt Grant Eleventh Circuit defended purposeful racial discrimination in jury selection. Circuit, ruled for the police in a case of stop-and-frisk, when police officers stopped an African-American man who vaguely matched the description of an armed robber, searched him without his consent and discovered a weapon.

When the case was reheard later by the full D. Strieff , S. He also prevented a victim from bringing most of his claims to trial after a prison guard allegedly sexually assaulted him and his cellmate. In another case, he held that a police officer who fired six shots and killed a man fleeing on an ATV was entitled to qualified immunity protecting him from legal action.

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Circuit proposed limiting constitutional protections for criminal defendants. Discussing Miranda v. Arizona , U. He also filed two briefs arguing that minors sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole as juveniles should continue to serve for life without eligibility for parole, despite precedent and state law that suggested otherwise. His ruling would have extended and maximized prison time for incarcerated people. Liles Burke Northern District of Alabama , as a state court judge, consistently voted to affirm the imposition of the death penalty, even in cases tainted by racial discrimination and cases involving defendants with intellectual disabilities.

Steven Grasz Eighth Circuit vigorously advocated for the death penalty in Nebraska, serving as assistant secretary for Nebraskans for the Death Penalty and for Nebraskans for Capital Punishment. After Nebraska abolished the death penalty in , Grasz represented Nebraskans for the Death Penalty before the Nebraska Supreme Court in a case that led to reinstatement of capital punishment in the state.

Newsom has also filed several amicus briefs in death penalty cases on behalf of the state, including arguing that the execution of minors does not violate the Constitution. Lee Rudofsky Eastern District of Arkansas filed at least 12 briefs in a single year before the Supreme Court to oppose stays of execution for Arkansas inmates facing the death penalty. Allison Eid Tenth Circuit supported using taxpayer-funded school vouchers for religious schools. Kurt Engelhardt Fifth Circuit , while a district court judge, was actively involved in efforts to end desegregation initiatives in Jefferson Parish Schools, efforts that were intended to address historical inequalities and remnants of formal segregation.

He opposed need-based financial aid because it purportedly hurts the wealthy. Eric Murphy Sixth Circuit defended school vouchers for private religious schools. The Supreme Court disagreed and ruled in favor of the basketball coach. Howard Nielson District of Utah fought to end affirmative action at state universities.

Mark Norris Western District of Tennessee was instrumental in weakening Memphis schools, attended largely by African-American children. Chad Readler Sixth Circuit attacked public schools in Ohio. The former president of the Ohio School Boards Association noted that eliminating this provision of the Ohio Constitution would mean there would be no right to public education in Ohio.

Readler also fought efforts to better regulate charter schools. He supported the efforts of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to protect fraudulent for-profit schools. Lee Rudofsky Eastern District of Arkansas represented the Arkansas Department of Education in a suit brought by parents and community members of Little Rock, alleging that the department implemented a variety of policies that furthered racial discrimination in Little Rock schools. He also supported George W. If he had been successful, millions of girls across the country would have had far fewer educational opportunities.

His lawsuit was dismissed. Andrew Brasher Middle District of Alabama gave two speeches criticizing the Clean Water Rule and served as the lead attorney for Alabama in attempting to block the rule.

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Brasher has also attacked protections for endangered species. Joel Carson III Tenth Circuit has written that the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment is implicated when endangered animals are reintroduced into the wild and prey on privately owned livestock. On the Colorado Supreme Court, she held that a public hearing regarding the issuance of a permit to drill wells near a contaminated nuclear blast site was not necessary.

She would have allowed a private company to use eminent domain to build a petroleum pipeline, while making it harder for communities to build parks. Ralph R.

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Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court , while on the Tenth Circuit, frequently turned away challenges by environmental groups seeking to protect natural resources and public land. Moreover, he has been skeptical of rules promulgated by environmental agencies designed to increase oversight of large corporations.

Circuit, consistently overturned protections for clean air, routinely putting corporate interests over safeguards for the health of families and the environment. For example, Kavanaugh rejected an EPA rule requiring that upwind states bear responsibility for their fair share of pollution they cause in downwind states, and was overturned by the Supreme Court. Murphy also fought the Clean Power Plan. EPA , S. Michael Park Second Circuit challenged the Clean Water Rule, which expanded protection for two million miles of streams and 20 million acres of wetlands.

Circuit authored several articles expressing her disdain for environmentalism and her rejection of mainstream scientific theories. He represented Arkansas in opposing the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone, as well as emissions standards for toxic air pollutants from power plants under the Clean Air Act. Stephen Schwartz Court of Federal Claims repeatedly litigated cases challenging environmental protections.

Most notably, he defended BP after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. As Solicitor General of Nevada, he fought environmental protections aimed at curtailing pollution from mining into streams and waterways. He also joined with three mining companies to oppose land use restrictions issued by the Department of the Interior.

Justin Walker Western District of Kentucky called for reinvigorating the non-delegation doctrine, a position that would deprive Congress of the authority to empower agencies, including the EPA, to effectively implement and enforce statutes. While working as the Solicitor General for the State of Oklahoma, Wyrick assisted Pruitt in dismantling environmental protections and was part of exchanges between Pruitt and energy lobbyists. Bush , which held that foreign citizens detained at Guantanamo Bay could file habeas corpus petitions in federal court challenging their detention.

As a district court judge he ruled that it was permissible for police to stop and detain someone after following him one mile from the home they had a warrant to search, a decision later reversed by the Supreme Court.

Daniel Collins Ninth Circuit was actively involved in drafting portions of, implementing, and defending the Patriot Act while serving as associate deputy attorney general under George W. He also supported the Bush administration in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld , and opposed extending protections outlined by the Geneva Conventions to combatants whose affiliated groups did not sign on to international human rights treaties.

In a law review article, Ho argued that the status of al Qaeda detainees does not reach the status of lawful combatants, and that they are therefore not afforded protections under the Geneva Conventions and other protections under international law for prisoners of war.

Circuit argued that federal courts lacked the jurisdiction to hear habeas petitions from foreign nationals held at Guantanamo Bay. Katsas defended the constitutionality of the detention of a prisoner under the Military Commissions Act, which the government posited was an adequate substitute for the traditional habeas right. When asked whether waterboarding was torture during a confirmation hearing, Katsas refused to answer.

While on the D. Kavanaugh has also taken an aggressive stance on the authority of military commissions. United States.

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Nielson wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post in defending Bradbury. She has advocated vigorously for the President to obtain complete control of the executive branch — most notably independent agencies — where Congress has specifically enacted legislation to insulate agencies and agency officers from political influence. Eid also advocated for exempting religiously-affiliated retirement homes from paying taxes.

Ralph Erickson Eighth Circuit , as a district court judge, ruled against plaintiffs who argued that the display and taxpayer-funded upkeep of a monument of the Ten Commandments on city property violated the Establishment Clause. Sebelius and Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell , took an expansive view of the religious liberty of persons and corporations, even when those religious beliefs curtail the rights of other Americans. He was extremely permissive in permitting religiously oriented public displays and installations. Grasz has advocated for religion-specific, student-led prayers before school baccalaureate ceremonies and sports events.

The Rushing-Lorence article criticizes and demeans those who seek to enforce the Establishment Clause. Lawrence VanDyke Nominated to Ninth Circuit argued it was constitutional to teach creationism in public schools. Sullivan was wrongly decided. Britt Grant Eleventh Circuit argued that a city ordinance prohibiting possession of AR style weapons or large-capacity magazines violated the Second Amendment.

Circuit , voted to invalidate D. In each one of these cases, the laws were upheld. Heller , Nielson authored a memorandum concluding that the Second Amendment secured an individual right to bear arms.

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Andrew Oldham Fifth Circuit defended Texas laws that provide expansive rights for gun owners. Between the fatal shootings in Aurura, [sic] CO and Newtown, CN [sic]—with several others spread throughout—it seems that the forces of gun control may finally pass new legislation designed to restrict gun ownership. Today I pledge my support to the NRA; financially, politically, and intellectually.

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I ask you to do the same. Join the NRA.

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They stand for all of us now, and I pray that in the coming battle for our rights, they will be victorious. In February , the Eleventh Circuit struck down the law. Patrick Wyrick Western District of Oklahoma , as solicitor general, signed an Attorney General Opinion allowing Oklahoma residents to carry concealed or unconcealed handguns if they hold a valid license issued in another state. He also participated as counsel for amicus curiae in Padilla v.

Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)
Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies) Miamis Vice: Overregulating Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice City Studies)

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