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How imprisonment extends beyond the jailhouse into every arena of American life.

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House arrest

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The Miami-Dade County Corrections Monitored Release Program House Arrest consists of two types of offenders that are combined under one umbrella: pre-trial and sentenced offenders. The Department's mission is to create alternatives to incarceration, help manage the jail population and provide a comprehensive continuum of custodial and community-based programs.

The Monitored Release Program strives to provide offenders with the best opportunity to maintain ties with their families while transitioning back into the community. Offenders on the program must abide by all release and special conditions imposed by the presiding judge to include counseling, maintaining employment, and any number of other requirements. They are required to abide by stringent program and special court-ordered conditions and are held accountable for their behavior and compliance by their assigned case manager.

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The House Arrest offenders must meet strict criteria and must provide background information before being placed into the program. They are court ordered to the House Arrest program by the 11th Judicial Court and must wear an electronic monitoring GPS device around their ankle. As part of the program requirements they are subject to weekly random visits by their assigned case manager to ensure that the court requirements are being met. Offenders may have to respond to communications from a higher authority to verify that they are at home when required to be.

Exceptions are often made to allow visitors to visit the offender. The types of house arrest vary in severity according to the requirements of the court order. A curfew may restrict an offender to their house at certain times, usually during hours of darkness. In some exceptional cases, it is possible for a person to be placed under house arrest without trial or legal representation , and subject to restrictions on their associates. In some countries, house arrest is enforced through the use of technology products or services.

One method is an electronic sensor locked around the offender's ankle technically called an ankle monitor , also referred to as a tether. The electronic sensor transmits an RF signal to a base handset. The base handset is connected to a police station or for-profit monitoring service.

Bendtner currently under house arrest

If the offender goes too far from their home, the violation is recorded, and the police will be notified. To discourage tampering, many ankle monitors detect attempted removal. The monitoring service is often contracted out to private companies, which assign employees to electronically monitor many convicts simultaneously.

If a violation occurs the unit signals the office or officer in charge immediately, depending on the severity of the violation. The officer will either call or verify the participant's whereabouts.


The electronic surveillance together with frequent contact with their probation officer and checks by the security guards provides for a secure environment. Another method of ensuring house arrest compliance is achieved through the use of automated calling services that require no human contact to check on the offender. Random calls are made to the residence.

Orange County, California - Adult House Arrest

The respondent's answer is recorded and compared automatically to the offender's voice pattern. Authorities are notified only if the call is not answered or if the recorded answer does not match the offender's voice pattern.

Electronic monitoring is considered a highly economical alternative to the cost of imprisoning offenders. In many states or jurisdictions, the convict is often required to pay for the monitoring as part of his or her sentence. The People's Republic of China continues to use soft detention , a traditional form of house arrest used by the Chinese Empire. In Italy, house arrest in Italian arresti domiciliari is a common practice of detaining suspects , as an alternative to detention in a correctional facility, and is also commonly practiced on those felons who are close to the end of their prison terms, or for those whose health condition does not allow residence in a correctional facility, except some particular cases of extremely dangerous persons.

The prosecuting authorities and law enforcement can check at any moment whether the subject, who is de facto considered in state of detention, is complying with the order; violation of house arrest terms is immediately followed by transfer to a correctional facility. House arrests cannot be applied to a subject that has been found guilty of escape within the previous five years. At sentencing, the judge may sentence an offender to home detention where they would otherwise receive a short-term prison sentence i.

Home detention sentences range from 14 days and 12 months; offenders are confined to their approved residence 24 hours a day and may only leave with the permission of their probation officer.

Electronic monitoring equipment is extensively used by the New Zealand Department of Corrections to ensure that convicted offenders subject to home detention remain within approved areas. This takes the form of a Global Positioning System tracker fitted to the offender's ankle and monitoring units located at their residence and place of employment. As of [update] over three thousand persons were serving home detention sentences under GPS surveillance. House arrest was a common tool of the South African apartheid government, used to silence their opponents, along with banning orders.

The Rules for Working When Under House Arrest

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House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest House Arrest
House Arrest

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