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Tom: The living room!

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Joke submitted by Steven G. Kirk: Why do mummies have no friends? Joke submitted by Kirk J. Joke submitted by Zakir G. Taylor: What? Aidan: Boo and Gold.

202 More! Jokes for Kids

Taylor: I give up. Aidan: Brew and Gold. Aidan: Pack meetings, of course! Joke submitted by Aidan T. Stephen: What did the ghost say when the skeleton lied to him?

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Joke submitted by Jet S. Thomas: Why? Joke submitted by Jess W. Nathan: What is it? Race: Monster-ella! Harvey: I have no clue. Joker: She heard he grew another foot! Joke submitted by Matthew C. Two monsters went to a Halloween party. What should I do? Ethan: Tell me. Sam: He always goes for the juggler!

Joke submitted by Sam C. Paul: What? Steve: Pumpkin-pi! Joke submitted by Steve H. Dale: What do you do if you want to learn more about Dracula? Gayle: You join his fang club. Joke submitted by Dale K. Bill: What can you say about a horrible mummy joke? Bob: What? Bill: It Sphinx!

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Joke submitted by Eric H. Taylor: I have no idea.

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Chris: A necktarine! Joke submitted by Christopher F. Gracie: Why do vampires need mouthwash? Selena: Why? Gracie: Because they have bat breath. Joke submitted by Gracie Y. Joke submitted by Coleton M. Bruce: The Fang-Dango. Joke submitted by Zac D. Trent: Why are vampires so easy to fool?

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Brent: Why? Joke submitted by Trenton G. Eddie: What do you call a vampire that lives in a kitchen? Red: What? Eddie: Count Spatula. Joke submitted by Sam M. Leanne: What? Todd: The xylabone.

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Joke submitted by Todd F. Ben: What do you call a kind and considerate monster? Jonathan: What? Ben: A complete failure.

bersbinune.gq Joke submitted by Benjamin M. Tim: What would you get if you crossed a vampire and a teacher? Tim: Lots of blood tests! Joke submitted by Tim T.

Daffynition: Retreat — To get another piece of candy on Halloween. Joke submitted by Anthony P. Joke submitted by Kevin A. Louis, Mo. Pam: What kind of phone do witches use? Sam: What kind? Pam: A touch-toad phone. Joke submitted by Pam A. Chris: What? Cresencio: Spelling.

202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids
202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids
202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids
202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids
202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids
202 More! Jokes for Kids 202 More! Jokes for Kids

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